Baptist Church

"When I Say I Love Jesus But I Don't Do What He Says" 


Life Lesson: Following Jesus isn't about momentary committment, but life long obedience 


1. Following Jesus requires I do what He says


2. Following Jesus requires I look honestly at myself


3. Following Jesus requires I let Jesus speak for Himself. 



"When I Say I Love Jesus But Need Control"


Life Lesson: God Wants to Display His Almighty Power For Those Who Are Fully Committed To Him 


1. Being fully committed to anything but God brings eventual hardship 


2. Being fully committed to anything but God forfiets blessing 


3. Being fully committed to God brings divine power 



"When I Say I Love Jesus But Look Dead"


Life Lesson: Being Spiritually Alive Means I Am More Concerned About My Character Than My Reputation 


How To Become Alive Again

1. Remember 

2. Repent

3. Repeat 

How closely does your life match with your beliefs? All of us can say we believe one thing, and yet our day to day lives reveal another. The world needs to see Christians who live out their faith and not merely talk about what they believe. 

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