Baptist Church

Bottom Line:

Life With Jesus Is Always Better Than Life Without Jesus


1. Our job as Christians is to help other people discover, display, and deepen their relationship with Jesus Christ. 

2. Our obedience to God can bless those around us and our disobedience can hinder those around us.


3. Our Christianity should be a blessing; never a shock to other people. 

A life with Jesus is always better than a life without Jesus. If, as followers of Jesus, we truly believe this, our job is to help all people discover, display, and deepen thier relationship with Jesus Christ. Jonah was called to do just that. However, like many of us, Jonah was less than willing to be obedient to the task God gave him. However, God is a God of second chances. Join us as we study the book of Jonah together and witness the amazing grace of God. 

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