Frequently Asked Questions

Why is a Response Necessary?

As you know, the world is alarmed because of the recent strand of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) which is affecting people globally. 


We shouldn’t be surprised by disease. We live in a fallen world which is the result of human sin, and disease and death are the unfortunate consequences. During this time, Christians are responsible to do two things. The first is to be wise and take the necessary precautions laid out by our local, state, and federal officials. This is the command given to Christians in Romans 13:1-7. Secondly, Christians are called to experience world events, even disheartening world events, differently than a world that does not know Jesus. Christians should not give in to panic. We know God is in control and He will see us through. This is what Paul commanded Timothy, “God has not given us a spirit of fear, but one of power, love, and sound judgment” (2 Tim. 1:7).     


Our church is committed to keeping you informed and updated regarding how our church will move forward in the days ahead. The health and safety of our church and those who would choose to worship with us are critically important to us. We cannot say we love our neighbors as ourselves if we do not seek their well being and highest good.   


As the situation changes, this page, along with our church Facebook page, will provide you with the most up-to-date information about our church's plans. We want to do everything we can to provide a safe environment for you and your family to worship and grow closer to Jesus.  

Is the Church Suspending Activities and Services?

On Thursday, April 2, the state of Georgia issued a stay at home order across the state and federal officials have advised everyone to practice social distancing through April 30. Therefore, in keeping with the command found in Romans 13 to submit to our leaders, and also obeying Jesus' command to love our neighbor, Shiloh Baptist Church is suspending all activities and services through the end of April.


We will regularly assess the situation and make adjustments as necessary. We will update our church family once any new information is available. Updates can be found on this page as well as our Facebook page. 

How Can I Stay Connected While Services are Suspended?

We will still continue to worship together even if not in person or face-to-face. This is a time to cling to God and worship Him more, not less. We need to comfort one another as believers in the truth that we have a loving heavenly Father who knows our needs and who will provide for us.  Here is how you can stay connected with us. 


Sunday Morning Worship

Pastor Andrew will live stream a sermon each Sunday at 11:00AM. Provided with this sermon will be links to worship songs you and your family can use to worship together.  All you need to do to view this live stream is to visit our Facebook page at 11:00AM on Sunday morning. The audio of these sermons will also be uploaded to our website. You can listen this way by visiting www.sbcamericus.org/sermons. 


Youth and Children

While we are unable to meet together in person, we still want to provide your family with resources for children and students. 


For children in kindergarten through 6th grade:

Step 1: Go to my.lifeway.com/redeem

Step 2: Register if you are a new user or login if you already have an account

Step 3: Enter this redemption code: VZMD4SSQ38

Step 4: Click “Access” (if prompted to sign in again, sign in) and then click “My Dashboard,” and go to LifeWay Kids at Home

Step 5: Download your Activity Page and One Conversation Sheet to use as you watch the video session


For students in 7th through 12th grade: 

Step 1: Go to www.rightnowmedia.org 

Step 2: In the upper right corner click log-in (if you do not have a login, please contact Pastor Andrew or Jake McLemore.) 

Step 3: Log in 

Step 4: Once you login search for "The Gospel of Mark" by Francis Chan 

Step 5: Select which week you are currently viewing and watch the video.

Step 6: Parents may wish to download the free "leaders guide" to facilitate a conversation with their students after watching the video. This can be found on the left-hand side of the screen. 


Churchwide Prayer 

You can commit to praying with us as a church every afternoon at 1:21. Use this time to pray Psalm 121 for our church and our community. Here are a few ways you can pray during this time. 


  • Pray for our world and a quick solution to the end of this disease. 
  • Pray for our church. Pray we stay connected to God and one another. 
  • Pray for your and our church's confidence in God's provision. 
  • Pray for one member or one family in our church by name. Call or text and let them know they have been prayed for.


Please let us know how else we can minister to you and your family. If there is anything you need during this time please do not hesitate to let someone know. 

Can I Still Give My Tithe and Offering?

When we resume services, we will want to begin providing and funding ministry to our community and church family as we were prior. We will want to disciple students and children, care for our senior adults, and provide outreach to our community. 


The mission and ministries of our church depend on your financial gifts. We know these cancelations may disrupt our normal giving patterns. However, you can still give your tithes and offerings by mailing them to our church office.


Shiloh Baptist Church 
961 Shiloh Rd.
Americus, GA 31719 


We have also made online giving available to our church family. You can give online by visiting https://give.idonate.com/shilohbaptist/give


Please pray and be willing to continue partnering with us as we seek to reach our community for Jesus. 

What Can I Do Now?

We know this is a difficult decision. It is likely some will not agree or wish we had come to a different conclusion. That is understandable. However, let us not allow frustration and disappointment to cause us to miss out on the ways God is still moving and working.


You have heard our church use two phrases during this time. First, if you can't go to church be the church. We can still honor Jesus. We can still serve Him and worship Him well. Secondly, unprecedented times give way to unprecedented opportunities. Now, more than ever, people will be looking for answers. The church has a tremendous opportunity to reach out to people who may never otherwise enter our church building. Here are a few ways in which you can honor our Savior well and continue to make a difference in the world. 


Have a conversation with a friend who doesn’t know Jesus. 
Because we will not meet next week, invite a friend over to your house for lunch or dinner. Talk with them about Jesus. If you have a friend who has been hesitant about coming to church, they will be much more receptive to an invitation to dinner at your house. 


Provide meals or snacks for students who are out of school. 
Schools are also shutting down at this time. Some students go to school not just for an education, but for the meals they are provided. Could you pack a couple of extra meals or buy a few extra snacks and take them to the school to give to students in need? 


Write letters of encouragement to doctors, nurses, and first responders. 
Many people will likely be told to stay home from work in the weeks to come. Doctors, nurses, and first responders will not. Write a note of encouragement and give it to a doctor, nurse, or first responder when you see them. If you are able, offer to pray with them as well. 


Offer to pick up supplies and or groceries for those who are more susceptible. 
There will be people who cannot leave their homes as frequently because of how susceptible they may be to this virus. Offer to pick up groceries or run some errands for them. 


These are just a few ways we can be the church, even though we may not go to the church, and the Lord will likely lay more on your heart. Over the next several weeks share with us how the Lord is using you to reach your friends, neighbors, and relatives. 

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