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Come join us for a week of fun, worship, and sports as we learn about God's big game plan for our lives! Fill out the registration form found here and get ready for an incredible week at Vacation Bible School! 

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Interested in knowing more about Shiloh? Find out how you can become part of our family of faith and grow in your relationship with Jesus Christ.

Not only would we love for you to join us for our worship services, but we would like to connect with you and get to know you through the different ministries our church offers.



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We would love for you to come join us as Shiloh. Click here to find out more about our beliefs and meet our staff. Come join us for our current sermon series, In Sync, beginning May 20. Often, what we say we believe about Jesus does not match with what we do for Jesus. Come and see how our beliefs and lives can be in In Sync. 

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